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First up for DIY projects is a favorite around here, the Colorsound Supa Tonebender. It's a Big Muff Pi variant sold under the "Colorsound" brand and distributed by the UK company in the 1970s. The difference between a standard Big Muff and a Supa Tonebender is the removal of the first two clipping diodes and a coupling cap. Seriously, that's it. The resulting sound is louder with tons of thick distortion, much in the same area as a Big Muff, maybe a little less fuzzy, more of a distortion than a fuzz, imo, but still completely over the top. Much more low end than a standard Big Muff. (GREAT on Bass and Keys)

Professionally fabricated double sided printed circuit boards are available for $5 each.

Friends abroad, please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page to work out international shipping. It may make the most sense to try an organize a group buy among friends to keep shipping costs reasonable.

The paypal button below is setup for orders shipped in the continental USA only. (shipping is $3 no matter how many you buy)

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Bill of Materials

The build below is in a 1590BBM enclosure from Mammoth Electronics. The layout is pretty loose and that's on purpose. The intention was to allow some flexibility with part selection. The hole in the center(1/4") fits the plastic adhesive backed PCB standoffs that are sold on various DIY sites. I see them listed on eBay too. Everything terminates to the PCB, again to accomodate whatever hardware is available.

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